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M.R. Stax is an 18 years and older facility.

If accompanied by a parent or guardian, members 16-17 years old are allowed.

Members are welcome to bring in guests with a $5 day pass and signed waiver.

Always re-rack weights and clean up after you are done with equipment.

Please do not lean weights against the wall or leave equipment unattended in walkways.

Wipe down equipment with sanitizer and paper towels after you are done.

Be aware that you are sharing this space with other people.

Conversations and music must be kept at a reasonable level, including public speakers.

Fighting is not tolerated. We are a tobacco free facility.

If a machine requires attention, please contact management as soon as possible so we can

address the issue.

Members are not allowed to bring in their own personal trainers unless proper paperwork is

submitted to management prior to training sessions, including active personal trainer

certification and professional insurance.

Cancellation Policy: Auto billing will continue until a request to cancel a membership is

received. Members must notify management at least 7 days in advance of payment due

date or you will be charged for the next month. After cancelling, you have two months after

the date of cancellation to dispute any billing discrepancies for a refund.

This space is used by a wide range of people with very diverse goals. We strive to provide

a positive experience for all members and that can only happen when everyone adheres

to the rules. Refusal to follow any rule may result in the termination of membership

without refund at the discretion of M.R. Stax management.

Questions or concerns? Contact management at (717) 953-2810 or (717) 513-8189.

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